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iPhone is one of the best phones in the entire world. It is made by apple. I think you all might be aware of this fact that it is used everywhere and by every people. The first Apple iPhone which is also a smartphone was launched in June 2007. You might know that our country is building such an innovative technology. The first iPhone was launched with a 3.50-inch display and 320 by 480 pixels resolution. The first price of Apple iPhone in India was rupee 10850. It had 412 MHz processor and 180mb of RAM. There was 4gb of internal storage in iPhone. The camera of the rear side was 2 megapixel. One advantage of it was that Apple iPhone runs in IOS3 software. The height of this was 115 and the width was 61 and the last but not the least the thickness was 11.6. It also had a feature of single sim which accepts of regular sim connectivity option. It also includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. There was also a sensor Which includes a compass, magnetometer, Proximity sensor etc.


Jailbreak recommended

Here we will be talking about the new online jailbreak method. Why it is recommended for you all? Is it a good idea or not? A lot of people like you might be wondering. In respect to know the answer first, you have to know about jailbreak. What actually is it. How does it work?The jailbreak wasn’t very popular among the user of iPhone. It is because in the United States the process of jailbreak of your iPhone is illegal. So now through this problem has become legally satisfied, people started rooting the phone by themselves. There is a various special system which guarantees automation. There are no such enough crew that really indicate that all work. You have to not spend hours on cracking the device. You should be thankful that you cannot only save time but also keep your computer and iPhone save from malicious software. This is the reason why jailbreak is highly recommended. You should avoid jailbreak download link as a third-party program. The advantage is on one side also remember the fact that it is also dangerous because it may endanger your iPhone and cause various trouble related to your tools.

Steps how to jailbreak iPhone

There are some few steps which are presented below by which you will be able to know how to jailbreak iPhone:

  • You should always be sure before you begin jailbreak iPhone properly. The first step is to enter the website from your telephone which you are going to use. You should always keep a look on the internet If any interpretation occurs during jailbreaking iPhone it will immediately stop in the middle.
  • You have to enter on sicmobile.com in your phone. Then you have to select your IOS and iDevice. It is always advisable to choose the correct device and correct version of IOS. You should connect your device with a stable internet connectivity then only your device will work properly.
  • Wait until your device is rooted. It will take maximum 5 minutes or less than a minute. Here the same condition to be kept in mind that your internet speed should be fast. So your speed is fast the most easily and fastly your device will be rooted.
  • The online jailbreak will be safe and secure for a long period of time. You should introduce special safety precaution while rooting your iPhone to avoid any types of bots and malicious software. This is the end now you enjoy the tool.

jailbreak iPhone

Disadvantage of jailbreak

There are some of the disadvantages of jailbreak iPhone which should be kept in mind. Some of them are mention below:

  • We should be thankful to IOS service because it restricts access to some areas of your phone. This tool is much safer when it is used. There is some vital function of the phone which cannot be accessed by any third party. The messages, phone contacts, music etc all are violated to privacy. Many applications are also blocked by them. In short, if we say there is a great threat from the third-party
  • The next one is about poor The main reason why we break jailbreak iPhone is that we want more application. More application means no trustworthy. We cannot trust any service or app which we install in our phone blindly. We should keep in mind that due to this reason jailbreak have poor performance.


You should always have faith and trust and proceed further in the jailbreak method. The advanced technology has drastically changed our lives. Use of iPhone is of great advantage. It is the trend among people of using iPhone with jailbreak facility. We can say that online jailbreak facility has become common in today’s world. Get indulge in it to avail the best benefit.


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