Cut the Cost!
Professional Edition | Corporate Edition
Telecom Expense Management Guide
By Jack Bogle
Cut the Cost! Telecom Expense Management Guide, which includes tips on "how to understand and audit Telephone Bills."  The guide is also chocked full of tips for auditing business telecommunication cost, customer premises equipment, disaster preparedness procedures and expenses. The program is designed to place you in a position of knowledge so you can understand your bills and the appropriate questions that you should be asking your local, long distance companies and your telecom equipment vendors.
Cut the Cost! is available as a downloadable e-Book and you may purchase on-line from our secure server.
The e-Book and PDF-Book include the following information:
Some History about the Divestiture of AT&T
The Carrier Network Structure Tutorial
bullet The Fundamentals of Telecom Expense Management (TEM)
Sample letters for filing refund claims with your carrier(s)
Telecommunication Audit Questionnaires
Client Directory Worksheets
Questions for Local and Long Distance companies, plus questions for your equipment vendors
Ring Test Form
Sample Call Flow Chart
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